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Land Planning

Foothills Land Design offers land planning as an affordable solution to help you consider a property's investment potential prior to purchase. This conceptual plan prepared by our engineers will provide you with their professional opinion coupled with practical utilization.

Land Planning services include:

  • A Foothills Land Design engineer will investigate the physical characteristics of the property while considering the federal, state and local regulations for your project, and produce a conceptual plan of the maximum use of the property.
  • Current zoning restrictions and development requirements
  • Consideration of environmental impact assessments and restrictions
  • Practical land planning including conceptual number of subdivided lots, or area building space
Our land planning services are applied toward our efforts at producing a project budget and the initial engineered drawings that may reveal the unforeseen costs discovered in the Preliminary Development Assessment.

Preliminary Development Assessment

Once you have examined the subject property yourself or used our land planning service to determine that the property has no obvious pitfalls on the surface, the next necessary step to ensure the project's profitability is the Preliminary Development Assessment.

Foothills' practical consideration and diverse experience in site development can minimize your risks. Even the initial level of engineered drawings of your property can reveal hidden expenses, the actual, instead of perceived, usable space, as well as the overall estimated cost of development. Foothills Land Design will offer you the evidence you need to proceed with confidence into your investment.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 of the preliminary development assessments result in the property NOT being used for the planned development due to hidden costs of development or a reduction in useable space that would keep the project from being profitable?

Our Preliminary Development
Assessment services include:

  • Land Planning
  • Preliminary Civil/Site Engineering
  • Utility Access and Availability
  • A Development Construction Budget

Careful consideration of these factors prior to the purchase of a property can make the difference between a profitable project versus a project that results in a financial loss. Foothills Land Design works with you during this critical phase, helping you develop a comprehensive preliminary assessment to ensure your development avoids any potential pitfalls and ultimately maximizes its profitability potential.

By using Foothills Land Design to help you in the land planning and preliminary assessment of the development, you are one step closer to the final engineered drawings. When the preliminary development assessment reveals a profitable investment, those plans will be applied toward the final Civil Site Design.

Civil Site Design:

Foothills Land Design offers your project 14 years of field experience, extensive technical engineering skill, and practical consideration using a healthy dose of common sense. We offer a complement of land planning and civil engineering design solutions to fit your budget and ensure you are informed on your project's profitability throughout the consideration and development of your property.

Our Civil Site Design services include:

  • Land Planning
  • Storm Water Management Requirements (detention, channel protection, and water quality treatment)
  • Grading and Storm Drainage Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Water Distribution Design and Analysis
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • Tree Preservation and Recompense Analysis

You can trust the staff at Foothills Land Design to treat your project thoughtfully and with full consideration for your profitability.

Assistance for Home Owners, Home Builders, and Business Owners:

There are many applications in which the public needs to procure permits and approval for individual business and residential projects. Foothill Land Design engineers are experienced in working with entities that require permitting and plans for projects. Our team can help you get through the permitting process with less hassle and surprise from the requiring agency by ensuring your project compliance at the beginning phases.

We offer personal attention, professional engineering processes, and practical advice regarding the following projects:

  • Erosion Control Plans for NPDES Permits
  • Entrance Plans for GDOT
  • Septic System Plans for Environmental Health Approval
  • Drainage Issues
  • Other services available

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